What is Digital Signage?

At a Glance

Digital Signage is a totally new media concept, which is deliver information including images, videos, text…to different terminal screens in public places large-scale shopping malls, supermarkets, hotel lobbies, restaurants, cinemas and other places through network such as Ethernet, WiFi, 3G/4G. The most convenient is that users can manage all his screens and update contents remotely from a central location via digital signage network.

Digital Signage Network can deliver business, finance and entertainment content through large-screen terminal display devices. It is designed to broadcast the specific advertisements to specific people in a certain place and a certain period, so that it can create branding and advertising.

Digital Signage System Architecture

Digital Signage System consists of the following parts:


Content Management Software

CMS software is used to manage and control all digital signage players and screens remotely via network.

Cloud Server

Server (PC Server)

  • Physical server (with public fixed IP address) or,
  • Cloud server

Network Connectivity

  • Ethernet, WiFi
  • 3G/4G (required for no network environment)

Digital Signage Hardware

  • Digital signage media player +TV/LCD Monitor or,
  • All in one digital signage LCD Display

A typical digital signage system Architecture is usually as follows:

Digital Signage Use in Different Industries


Retail environment is most suitable for digital signage network deploy, advertising, branding, promotion activities are commonly used in retail industry.

QSR (Quick Service Restaurant)

Digital signage in QSR as digital menu boards have been deployed more and more to increase QSR revenue constantly and improve customer’s experience.


Transportation industry is adopting digital signage technology to provide instantaneous content and updates on PIS information to travelers in real time.

Shopping Mall

Digital signage used in shopping mall can do information displaying, and signage wayfinding to attract customer’s attention via digital signage.


Digital signage in hospital can deliver doctor information in waiting area, and playing healthcare information and some advertisement for their medicals to increase their revenue.


Digital signage in financial industry like banks can deliver exchange rate, incremental services to their existing and potential customers in waiting areas.


Hotel owners need digital signage to provide seamless and dynamic rich content to their customers in the lobby, with easy management and remotely control in different locations.


Easy-to-use digital signage system for educational institutions are upgrading the learning experience by publish and update content quickly.


Digital signage can be deployed in automotive showroom to show the new cars, news, after sales service policy, training and related information for branding and better service.