How to Stretch Customer Viewing Experience with Digital Signage?

Digital signage is now commonly used in many industries including shop, transportation, hospitality, hotel and education. It is used to increase sales, improve branding, enhance experience and reduce perceived waiting time. The more eye-catching the digital signage, the greater engagement will be with customers.

Normally, traditional rectangular displays are common in the market, but businesses have many potential spaces where such traditional 16:9 aspect ratio displays would not be right fit. For example, for retail industry, operators always want to optimize shelf space with digital signage to increase revenues and attract customer’s attention to get customers to take ACTION at point of sales, but traditional 16:9 displays cannot be installed on shelf because of shelf physical space and height limitation, so stretched-type display with an extended wide format would provide the solution.

Stretched displays are screens with ultra-wide aspect ratio including 16:1, 16:2, 16:3, 16:4.5 or bigger compared with traditional displays to fulfill different space-limited applications. ViviSign launched a new product series of stretched signage displays with super-wide aspect ratios and different sizes as options.

Stretched Displays’ Catagory

Normally, stretched displays divide two categories in the market, including native stretched displays and resized (cut) stretched displays. What is difference between them?

Native Stretched Display

Native stretched displays are native built via FAB process and module process from bare glass, which means native stretched displays are made using native ultra-wide LCD masks to manufacture professional grade stretched panels.

Resized/Cut Stretched Display

Resized stretched displays are also named cut stretched displays. As the name implies, resized displays are to be cut to the required aspect ratio (for example, 16: 3 or 16:4.5) from regular 16:9 panels. This method would require LCD panel cutting, and then re-assembly into the stretched solution.

How to choose the right high-performance stretched displays

For customers, how to choose the right high-performance stretched displays in the market?

Size and Formats

The first factor to choose the stretched displays is the size and formats required for your own project. Currently, native stretched displays size is fixed and options are few, so it is recommended to choose the native stretched display when the sizes are right fit for your project. Resized displays sizes and formats are flexible and available in case native model cannot meet your requirement.


The second factor is cost control. In case the target price is limited to the project, resized displays are a good choice, as now LCD glass cutting technology is mature and resized displays quality also can be ensured, basically for 50000hours life time, which is same with native stretched displays.

ViviSign can offer both native stretched displays and resize stretched displays for different demands and applications. Welcome to contact ViviSign for stretched displays proposal and quotation any time.