How do Clients Benefits from Smart Digital Signage Displays and TV

Look at how digital signage displays to increase the power for your business and reach of your brand.

Display immersive contents as intended to increase sales revenue. With industrial-grade SOC signage player built-in, Vivisign Android digital signage displays no need any external signage player and no need to install software APP again to make all configurations easily for users. With diverse of network connectivity ways, network digital signage system allows to manage all digital signage screens and update contents remotely via network including Ethernet, WiFi and 3G/4G. However, TV is designed primarily for TV contents, not for commercial contents, so when users use TV to consist the complete the signage system, it requires external media player and software, much more complicated configurations for users.

Digital signage commercial displays are designed for commercial environment, as well known that there are always high light ambient in commercial environment, so the commercial displays are with high brightness to fit, 300nits-500nits almost 2times brighter than TV screens. After all, TV is designed for in-home environments.

Scheduling Playlists

Some users are use TV directly as signage display as now the smart TV all have the function to play the media contents like pictures and videos, which can be selected manually with the help of remote. Different from TV’s, smart digital signage displays can display the campaign as scheduled by users without any additional configurations, just need to power on, it will display automatically.

Operation Times

Commercial environment requires 16hours performance at least, and sometimes requires 24hours, but TV’s only designed for less than 10hours per day, otherwise, LED backlight life cycle will be harmed for over time running.

Display Orientations

In commercial environment, display orientation including portrait and landscape are common requirements, which means the LCD Panel has to be run well without crystal liquid accumulated when work in portrait. Commercial LCD Panel support both landscape and portrait modes by itself, but TV’s LCD Panel only for landscape mode, when users install it in portrait mode, it will cause worse color uniform because of crystal liquid accumulated to the bottom in portrait mode.