Retail Digital Signage Solution


There is no doubt that traditional retailing is facing many challenges these days, retailers  are always  seeking ways in which they can engage with more customers to create their brands and increase their sales.  Digital Signage is used for advertising or as an information display board with attractive commercial contents highlighted with pictures, animation and even interactive experience in fashion shops, markets, auto showrooms and other retail environments.

QSR Digital Menu boards


QSR (Quick Service Restaurant ) Chains are seeking for customer satisfaction via replacing  traditional printing signage by digital signage menu boards. Waiting time is no longer existing as customers can use screens to look at the menu food, seasonal offerings or special promotions and make decision in advance  with the help of digital menu boards (DMB). Digital Menu Boards Solutions can increase a restaurant sales by about 6% according to the statistics.

Smart Shelf Edge Solution

Shelf Edge

Smart shelf edge signage ultra stretched LCD Displays, ideal for point-of-sale marketing, come in a wide variety of sizes. For the narrowest spaces, such as on front of shelves, ultra stretched displays are perfect fits. For advertising on the endcap of the shelves or in other limited spaces, Bar-type series offer maximal screen size and message impact in convenient long-and-narrow form factors to optimize customer’s shopping experience and to increase sales.

Transportation Digital Signage Solution


Digital signage has been widely used in transportation including buses, trains, taxis and metro and airports, metro/train station. Digital signage integration possibilities all over the city. Learns the possibilities you need for a successful deployment. Our digital signage network will use the digital signage media player with support for 3G/4G and CMS to create your transportation solution. o optimize customer’s shopping experience and to increase sales.

Smart City

Smart City

The real goal of smart cities is to connect people and city using technologies. As a part of the solution, digital signage can empower the smart city, for example, outdoor digital screens with peripheral devices including CCTV camera, sensors and so on to convey information to the citizens via CMS. Also digital out-of-Home media is helpful to the city, not only brands and advertisers benefits from it, but also the citizens can share the benefits to their related information.