Site Installation Environment Requirements for LCD Video Wall System

To make sure that video wall can be installed correctly, site environment required to meet the following requirements:

Installation Requirement:

If it is floor standing type installation, the ground needs to be flattening and firm against the video wall system and brackets gravity without deformation. The video wall floor standing brackets bottom is directly connected to the antistatic floor, so the bracket also should be tough enough.

Control platform layout requirement:

For monitoring purpose, Controller computer should be deployed in front of the video wall screens, which means the operator can watch the screens directly. If it requires a separate control room, then it should be transparent glass between the control room and the video wall screens.

There should be a certain distance between Controller computer and video wall; it will be convenient for color and brightness adjustment.

Lighting environment Requirement:

In Video wall installation room, it is recommended that lighting not direct to the video wall screen, the distance between lights and video wall screens should be more than 3m.

If the windows in the video wall installation room are too big and then use curtain to avoid sunshine on video wall screens, otherwise, the display effect of the video wall will be influenced.

Cabling Requirement:

Weak electronic such as HDMI/VGA cables and RS232 cables should be separate from the strong electronic when cabling to avoid the signal interruption.

Power requirement:

Power voltage should be reliable and use the power plug with grounding protection. It is forbidden to power on immediately after power off the video wall, so in principle, UPS function is best for the power.

Working Environment:

If it is wall mounting video wall installation, then better to use front maintenance (press-eject brackets) for easy maintenance.

Video wall installation room temperature should be 0-40℃, relative humidity should be 10-90%.