Digital Signage for Auotomotive

In automotive industry, sales gaming is changing, new generation are focusing on digital  car buying experience.  Automotive digital signage solution allows  car manufacturers to take advantage of digital technology in their salesroom to boost  sales and enhance  customers’ car buying experience.  With automotive showroom digital signage solution, car sales representatives can :

  • Display in-stock cars information including images, videos in the showroom;
  • Offer promotions and discounts information;
  • Use interactive displays to enhance communication between customers and the brand directly
  • Reduce the waiting time and getting new opportunity for relevant sales

Here we present a few ways to take advantage of digital signage solution in automotive salesroom/showroom

Reception Area/Video Wall

In the reception waiting area of the car showroom, customers’ buying journey starts. Car manufacturers  can use video wall to make a large screen to display brands and fantastic videos and images of the latest model or classic model to customers to attract customer’s attention.

Interactive Display/Showroom

In the showroom, sales representatives can present information like specification, interior structure, external structure like color…of the car with model that customer choose on the digital signage interactive display, using video, images, text to easily create the interactive contents with content management system.

Motivate Sales Staff/Internal Communication

Car manufacturers can update the sales revenue of all sales staff up to date on the digital signage displays or relevant incentives to motivate sales staff.

Head office also can manage all the digital signage screens from a central location, update the message to all the dealership showroom, sending the latest marketing materials or training videos.

Service/Maintenance Area Information Displays

Digital Signage Information displays can be used for maintenance area for information display and queue management information display. As well known that car users are not satisfied with the maintenance service because of extra cost, so the dealers can display the information to explain the necessary maintenance service and corresponding cost to ensure that best practices products are taken up as up-sell items for a good reason. Also can integrate with queue management system to display queue numbers meanwhile.