Digital Signage for Education

Nowadays,  digital signage has been widely used in campus for information delivery up-to-date  and real time message notifications, it allows campus administrators, students, staff, departments and student institutions to control and update the contents constantly and remotely with implementing digital signage networks. School announcements, welcome messages, class, campus’ activities are all can be delivered to screens like video wall, digital signage kiosk or digital menu boards to all the students in real time.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Our digital signage solution can give the administrators to publish any information like upcoming events to all the LCD digital signage screens to increase their engagement with the upcoming events.

Welcome Message

Welcome Messages

Our cloud based Digital signage allows student institution to  update and deliver any welcome messages information immediately for his activities or a student’s achievement.

Emergency Message

Emergency Messaging

Emergency messages can be delivered to the screens from a content management software to instruct students how to do deal with emergency situation.



Our digital signage system can display multimedia digital contents including image, video, HTML, flash…to deliver dynamic contents, can cut costs of traditional printing signage, and digital contents are perfect for digital generation.

Global News

Global News

Digital signage allows users to deliver global news to the students via RSS message or by living video streaming  so students can  learn the hot news in the world including politics, science , IT., health….

School News

Campus News

Digital signage LCD Screen can show works of students and campus news or achievements like sport ranking information to enhance the student’s engagement with school and improve their sense of recognition.

Locations for Education Digital Signage

Fitness Center

Digital signage for fitness center in School can keep students clearly know your fitness classes or resources available, and also can display advertising or campus events for the students. Also fitness center dealer can offer his commercial promotions to students on digital signage displays to increase  sales.

In front of Individual Classrooms

Digital signage displays can be deployed in front of individual classrooms for real time message display or class changes notifications.

Cafeteria/Dining Hall

In campus, cafeteria and dinning hall are important places to deploy digital signage networks, to deploy as the digital menu boards for cafeteria/dining hall operators to increase sales and provide a digital experience for students.