Digital Signage for Hotels

The in-room entertainment plays a great deal in terms of a hotel environment because every hotel wants to make everybody feel at home. Except hotel traditional  ways, digital signage is a effective way to inform and engage hotel guests, and it is a key component of a hotel experience, from check-in to checkout, digital signage applications  have spreading throughout hotels, digital displays are deployed in hotel lobby, conference center to the rooms.

Why ViviSign Digital Signage for Hotels?

wide range of display solutions

Wide Range of Display Solutions

ViviSign provides a wide range of display solutions to meet different hotel operators’ requirements, including outdoor digital signage, video wall, Signage displays, ultra-stretch signage…

All in one display solutions

All in one Display Solutions

ViviSign provides all in one display solutions to enhance hotel operational efficiency.  With SoC digital signage platform and with integrated media player, which provide a turn key solution for the hotels without extra cost.

CMS software

Web-based CMS Software

CMS software can manage all the displays in every part of the sites, including weatherproof display outside, lobby digital displays, hotel restaurant digital menu boards…from a central location remotely via network.

4 Ways to use digital signage in Hotel Industry

The Lobby

Once the guest entered in the hotel lobby, the digital signage can start conversation with the guests, digital signage displays can be deployed in the hotel lobby for delivering the longer video files, like hotel introduction video, promotion activities, and together with TV channels while advertising as the hotel patrons are the place that the guests stay for longer amounts of time compared to other areas.


As a hotel is a place for travelers’ rest, so customers’ purpose is a good service for the hotels, such as some customers for business/exhibition/conference center, and some people for travelling, so wayfinding service is  a must and large demand for the customers. Digital signage networks can help those, hotels can deploy digital screens in lobby to show the route to important buildings/conference center nearby, and show guideline/route for the travelers for scenic spots

Guest Rooms

Most hotel guests watch television in their rooms and it is very important for a hotel to build their own in-room hotel channel using the digital signage network. It can play dynamic digital content in the form of movies and local TV spots and play TV program while advertising.  Hotel operators can  build their own hotel channel without change their existing TVs, just need to add a digital signage media player and content management software.

Fitness Center

In hotel industry, more and more hotels are offering the fitness center to their guests to meet the guests’ demand on the health and body building.  Digital signage have been successfully applied in hotel fitness center for advertising and offering video training on the body building, which can increase hotel’s revenue because many nearby people (not hotel guests) will come and register as member of the fitness center.