Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) Digital Signage

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Vivisign Digital Signage Solution

For Quick Service Restaurants

Digital Signage For Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)

How Digital Signage Benefits QSRs

Nowadays,  QSR (Quick Service Restaurant ) Chains are seeking for customer satisfaction via replacing  traditional printing signage by digital signage. Waiting time is no longer existing as customers can use screens to look at the menu food, seasonal offerings or special promotions and make decision in advance  with the help of digital menu boards (DMB). Digital Menu Boards Solutions can increase a restaurant sales by about 6% according to the statistics.

Strongly Influence Customers

Strongly Influence Customers

Today, shopper and customer demands change significantly, convenience and personal becomes mainstream, use digital menu boards to increase in-store experience with high quality and fast deliver services.

Increase Speed and Accuracy

Increase Speed and Accuracy

Digital Menu Boards System allows user to update contents up-to-date, which allows to present more promotions and menus to customers to make order faster and save customers’ waiting time.

Increase sales in retail business

Increase Sales Significantly

Use dynamic menu contents to attract customers’ attention on Point of Purchase (POS) to increase restaurant sales revenue with deploy digital menu board networks from small businesses to large restaurant chains

Provide Real time Promotions

Automatic Dayparting

Automatic dayparting is a great advantage for QSRs. With a CMS partner or content management software, digital signage can offer the ability to seamlessly switch between breakfast, lunch and main menus according to a set schedule. This eliminates the need for QSR employees to climb ladders behind the counter or run outside to the drive-thru and manually remove and insert menus throughout the day.

Easily update Digital Signage Content

Effortless Menu Management

Digital signage can enable QSR business owners to have remote, centralized control of the displays and their content, which means that the owners can make menu changes or add new messaging at any time with just a few clicks. This eliminates the time and burden of manually replacing static menu boards and signs with updated ones, as well as the recurring costs associated with static menu updates, such as printing, shipping and installation.

What ViviSign Offers for QSR Digital Signage

Where Should Your Restaurant Stand on Digital Signage?

Outdoor Digital Menu Board


Deliver clear information and content in all conditions 

Vivisign’s outdoor digital signage board delivers the most cler, bright and realistic images to attract and engage audiences, while increasing in-store visits. Regardless of weather conditions, menu boards showcase content that is easily visible thanks to the display’s high visibility. 

Window Displays

Storefront Window Display

Catch the eye of potential customers

Designed for storefront windows, Vivisign’s hanging double sided window facing displays not only deliver images with flawless clarity, but are designed to maintain superior picture quality and visibility even when exposed to direct sunlight –  a common challenge for conventional in-window displays.

Indoor Digital Menu Boards

Indoor Digital Menu Board

Engage customers with vibrant content, from any angle

Vivisign’s indoor digital menu board displays catch the eye of customers even from a wide viewing angle or in a range of lighting conditions. The crisp, clear images ensure consumers can easily see the menu and feel confident they are making the right choice.

Ultra-Stretch Displays

Maximize space and optimize content with Vivisign Ultra Stretched Display solutions

Digital signage today needs to be versatile and cost effective with an emphasis on maximizing space efficiency. There has been an increasing need to utilize niche spaces with effective signage solutions. Vivisign SH Series Ultra-wide bar type displays, with 16:3 and 16:4.5 wide screen stretched display offer the ability to effectively communicate information in small, narrow spaces such as store shelves, ceilings, and corridors.

Network Digital Menu Boards Solution for QSR

DMB for multi-location QSR

Cloud based digital menu board solutions for multi-location QSR

Cloud based digital menu board solutions can be used for multi location QSR, which allows customer to remotely manage all of his restaurants in different locations from a central location via network including LAN, WIFI or 3G/4G. A fully network digital menu board system includes:

  • A server (physical server with public ip address or a cloud server);
  • Content management software;
  • Digital menu boards (all in one) or “digital signage player + tv/screen”

Cloud based digital menu boards solutions are coming with the following features:

  • Manage your menu boards in the cloud;
  • Multi zone layouts & multi media formats supported
  • Update contents remotely via network
  • Touch screen support touch content making
  • Integration with dynamic data
digital menu board solutions for independent QSR

LAN networked digital menu board solutions for independent QSR

LAN Networked digital menu board solutions can be used for a single-location QSR, which allows customer to remotely manage all of his digital menu boards in his own single location from a his computer (act as server) via network including LAN, WIFI in a LAN area. LAN network digital menu board system includes:

  • A server (any computer or laptop with internet connected);
  • Content management software;
  • Digital menu boards (all in one) or “digital signage player + tv/screen”
USB Update for Digital Menu Boards

USB Updatable Menu Boards/Displays

The standalone digital menu boards are used for QSR who wants very easy digital signage solution, only use USB drive to update contents locally.  A commercial grade screen with an integrated HD media player can be easily updated via USB. Those menu boards can playback images and videos simply by uploading the contents on to USB driver from a computer, inserting the USB into a screen to upload and automatic playback starts.

  • Plug and play
  • USB updated content
  • Playback of images and videos
  • Time on/off setting
  • IPS Commercial display with different sizes from 32’’ to 65’’