Advantages of LCD Video Wall

LCD Video Wall System has been successfully deployed in many industries including transport, education, hospitality, retail industries. More and more customers prefer to use LCD Video Wall rather than a projector or a single large display or a set of individual monitors including DLP or PDP, or even LED, why they invest the extra cost on LCD Video Wall?

Before we answer the above question, we have to understand the whole LCD Video Wall System, generally, it consists of:

  • High resolution LCD Displays;
  • Video Wall Controller (including in-built controller or external video wall controller);

Large Screen with Seamless Bezel

LCD Video Wall screen is with narrow bezel design now including 3.5mm (bezel to bezel) and 1.8mm, which can allows multiple screen splicing a large screen with near seamless bezel to create impressive immersion.

Higher Resolution Display with full viewing angle to deliver vivid contents

Basically LCD Video Wall single screen are with Full HD resolution to splice a large screen with higher resolution compared with LED Screen. At present, with the help of video wall processor, it can display the resolution up to 4K resolution of contents including image and videos. With full viewing angle, it allows audiences to see from any angle without color change or picture distortion.

Low maintenance cost

Basically LCD Video Wall screen LCD Panel are with industrial grade design for 7*24hours working performance, and also LCD Panel with D-LED light, the life is more than 50,000hours, which can save maintenance cost to the customers.

Besides, with the professional press-eject brackets, LCD Video wall screens can be easily replaced even maintenance required, no need to take out all the screens, save labor works and cost.

Flexibility and Versatility

With different powerful video wall processors, LCD Video Wall system can display in different sizes including quantities of the screens splicing and the shape formed. With the content management software, content windows can be arranged, scaled, zoomed, cropped and layered.

LCD Video Wall has different brightness of the LCD Panels, normal brightness for indoor environment and high brightness for semi-outdoor as the customers choose according to actual requirements.

With the help of the touch LCD panel for video wall, users can touch the LCD video wall screen to increase the interactivity.

Lower investment

Compared with DLP or PDP, even fine-pitch LED screens, LCD Video wall cost is relatively lower in the market. Besides, as LCD Screen costs have continued downward trend, especially for standard sizes of the LCD video wall panel with normal brightness, LCD video wall technology is affordable to most of the customers now.