Benefits of Ultra Wide Stretched Displays


Vivisign SH-N/W Series Stretched Displays offer 16:3, 16:4 and 16:4.5 stretched formats to enable space-conscious retailers to deliver the right information that fits the needs of customers making purchasing decisions. Vivisign SH Series Bartype Displays create a more convenient shopping experience that encourages new sales opportunities. The ability to position the display in either portrait or landscape mode enables versatile, customizable content to be displayed without any sacrifices. Even in restricted spaces, such as store shelves or low ceiling interiors, Vivisign SH Series Stretch Signage Displays with high brightness and non-glare panels (some sizes) boast eye-catching effect without obstructing movement of human traffic. With the capability to operate continuously 24/7, and the ability to connect multiple displays over a daisy chain, Vivisign Ultra-wide Stretched Bar Displays offer a versatile signage solution to meet any need.

Vivisign also provide 3000 nits Bar-Type High Brightness Display. Those high brightness stretched professional LCDs are Designed for special applications such as transportation and retail window environments where height is limited, the SH-H Series Ultra High Brightness Stretched LCD Displays are using high-temperature stretched LCD panel capable of withstanding temperatures up to 110˚C (230°F) without blackening – crucial for direct sunlight applications.


  • Space efficient display solution – the ultra-wide screen ratio of 16:3, 16:4 and 16:4.5 allows installation within constricted spaces, providing crisp and eye-friendly visualisation.
  • Native Photomask for longevity & High Quality – Native Stretched bar LCD displays utilize photomask manufacturing processes which assure enhanced performance and high reliability. Stretch bar displays offer industrial-grade performance to support long lasting, demanding operations, including store front, transportation, and entertainment venues.
  • Cost efficient media playback flexibility – divide a single Full HD content into two separate contents via daisy chaining for back to back installations, needing only one source to feed two screens for cost saving benefits.
  • Superb readability in bright light environments – crisp playback of content thanks to high brightness output of 700 cd/m² and anti-reflective screen surface delivers clearly visible messages even under varying and demanding ambient conditions.
  • Mission-critical 24/7 ready operation – the meticulous selection of industrial-grade components and careful design focused on demanding usage scenarios accompany an impressive and continuous viewer experience.

Stretched displays in retail help connect the shoppers with the latest and most relevant deals.

Retail Bartype Stretched Displays-2
Retail Bartype Stretched Displays-1

Stretched displays in grocery store installations provide product and promotion information.

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