3000 nits Bar-Type High Brightness Display

2500 nits Bar-Type High Brightness Display, Window Facing Stretched Digital Signage

SH-H Series | 37” & 49.5” Ultra High Brightness Stretched LCD Displays

Key Features:

  • 2,500cd/m² Direct Sunlight Readable for 37” & 49.5” large format stretched displays
  • High-temperature LCD panel capable of withstanding temperatures up to 110˚C (230°F) without blackening – crucial for direct sunlight applications.
  • Circular polarizer technology with low reflection design allows pedestrians with polarized sunglasses to see sharp images.
  • Engineered for reliable 24/7 operation and low power consumption.
  • OPT.: Integrated high sensitive sunlight sensor for Auto brightness control
  • OPT. 1: Built-in Android signage player
  • OPT. 2: LCD Monitor Format available |HDMI IN

Indoor High Brightness Displays, High Brightness Stretched Professional LCD

High Tni (110℃) liquid crystal and QWP (quarter wave plate) polarizer (95℃)

37” Bar-Type High Brightness Display


  • Outline Size (mm): 965.92 x 295.91 x 74.5
  • Life Time: 50,000 Hours
  • Resolution: 1920 x 540
  • Brightness: 2000 nits Typical | 2500 nits (Max.)
  • OTP.1: LCD Monitor (HDMI IN Only)
  • OTP.2: Built-in Android Player

49.5” Bar-Type High Brightness Display


  • Outline Size (mm): 1241 x 371.6 x 65
  • Life Time: 50,000 Hours
  • Resolution: 1920 x 540
  • Brightness: 2000 nits Typical | 2500 nits (Max.)
  • OTP.1: LCD Monitor (HDMI IN Only)
  • OTP.2: Built-in Android Player

At a Glance

Ultra High Brightness LCDs

  • 2500 nit (Max.) Brightness allows view in direct sunlight, such as window displays
  • 1920*540 Full HD resolution clearly delivers contents and attracts public attention.
  • The widest variety of sizes-models ranging from 37”-49.5”
  • Brightness and color guaranteed
  • Intelligent thermal management system integrated
  • LCD black defect free, withstanding temperatures up to H-Tni 110˚C (230°F) without blackening
  • Integrated with Android Signage Player, ready-to-use digital signage software, also support 3rd party APK

2 Formats for Options

  • LCD Monitor Only with HDMI, VGA Inputs
  • Integrated with Android OS Player

Ultra High brightness LCD Displays enable users to see sharp, clear images in indoor ambient high lighting environment. With brightness ratings as high as 2500 nit, Vivisign ultra high brightness LCDs is the ideal solution for window-facing digital signage applications.


37″ 3000 nits Bar-Type High Brightness Display

37″ Open Frame 3000 nits Bar-Type High Brightness Display



Ultra High Brightness

With a great brightness of 2500 nits, ViviSign ultra high brightness series clearly delivers contents and attracts public attention, which is the ultimate display for window facing visibility.

Ultra Resistant Blackening 110˚C

Ultra Resistant to Blackening

When dealing with direct sunlight most LCD panels will overheat and the blackening on the panel will occur, we use a special ultra-high brightness panel that can withstand surface temperatures up to 110˚C with no blackening defect occurring making this the number one choice for Digital Signage in window displays.

Conformal Coating

Conformal Coating

Dust & Humidity Protection. Power board and LCD Controller Board reliability are enhanced with conformal coating that protects against dust, iron powder, humidity and other harsh conditions.

True Color Calibration

True Color Calibration

Every screen is factory calibrated to D65 (6500K) CIE color standard. This color setting produces a natural looking image which has a correlated color temperature to that of daylight.

Local Dimming Backlight

OPT.: Smart Brightness Control

The screen brightness is automatically adjusted depending on the ambient light. Brightness is increased during the day for better visibility, and decreased at night for efficient power management.


Visible with Polarized Sunglasses

ViviSign ultra high brightness series enables clear visibility even when the viewer is wearing polarized sunglasses.

Android Player

Built-in Android Player

There is an integrated Android media player inside the screen allowing you to upgrade to a network version without needing any additional hardware. You can also install third party Android apps if required.

Narrow Bezel

Slim Bezel

The SH-H series attracts attention with elegant design, featuring a slim bezel. These displays enhance the visual impact of the played content and the retail store’s overall atmosphere.

High Brightness Digital Signage | Window Facing Digital Signage

With outstanding visibility and reliable performance, the perfect semi-outdoor and window-facing solution for displaying both advertising and information.


Double Sided Window Facing Displays

Hanging Double Sided Digital Window Display | WF-MN

  • 43” & 55” Dual Sided LCD Panels (Hi-Tni 110 ˚C)
  • Full HD 1920*1080 Resolution, 3000nits + 700nits brightness, 178/178 Viewing Angle
Wall Mount High Brightness Displays

3000nits High Brightness Digital Signage | WF-MH

  • 32”, 43” 49”, 55′, 65” & 75” LCD Panels (Hi-Tni 110 ˚C)
  • Full HD 1920*1080 Resolution, 3000nits high brightness, 178/178 Viewing Angle