Digital Signage for Transportation

Today digital signage has been widely used in transportation including buses, trains, taxis and metro and airports, metro/train station. Digital signage integration possibilities all over the city. Learns the possibilities you need for a successful deployment. Our digital signage network will use the digital signage media player with support for 3G/4G and CMS to create your transportation solution.

  • Audience Measurement: Complete your ecosystem with an analytics engine such as Quividi to show performance of ads to brands.
  • Location Based Advertising: Using 3G/4G connectivity allows customers to update contents and monitor all signage players, also can generate log report for client’s reference. GPS features can be integrated with our digital signage system to update contents depending on the location of the vehicle.
  • 9-36V wide voltage are ideal for bus, taxi, and other wide voltage ranges perfect for the metro or train accordingly.
  • Digital signage integration with PIS (passenger information system) to display the route while advertising.

Digital Signage Solution on Transportation

Following are the top five uses for traffic management center and airport, bus, metro and train station.

1.Wayfinding and navigation

In the airports and train station, wayfinding and navigation is very important for the passengers to reach their destination e.g. arrivals, baggage claims, taxis and customer services, wayfinding signage can be shown on the digital displays together with advertising for brands.

Bus Digital Signage

2. Location-based Digital Signage

In the transportation, users can use digital screens to show the nearby hotel, food and entertainment information to passengers to attract audience’s attention via Location based services on Buses. Bus digital signage can also include information on popular local destinations, nearby restaurants, shops promotions while displaying Passenger Information via GPS.

Transportation digital signage

3. Security warnings/walkway digital signage kiosk

Transportation origination can deliver the security warnings to the passengers in case urgency happened.

Advertisements and promotion

4. Advertisements and promotion/shopping/waiting area

Digital signage networks’ main functionality is for advertising and promotion in the airports or train station for brands.