XS Series Indoor LED Signage

XS Series | Mini & SMD LED Technology

Indoor LED Signage, P0.78125, P0.9375, P1.25, P1.5625, P1.875

Full model line-up, ranging from super fine-pitch to standard indoor pitch, for diverse indoor application.

Key Feature

  • Pixel Pitch : 0.78125mm / 0.9375mm / 1.25 mm / 1.5625mm / 1.875mm
  • Brightness : ≥600 nits, it clearly delivers content and attracts public attention, making it ideal for achieving bright indoor visibility.
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance
  • Durable Frame Design
  • IP Rating : IP31

The leading edge of visual experience with Vivisign Fine Pitch LED Displays

Vivisign LED displays and video walls with fine pixel pitch technology elevates indoor environments with brilliant image quality, deeper contrast ratio, captivating brightness, precise color uniformity and flexible modular design.

Deliver high-impact messaging with HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology on Vivisign XS Series—optimizing color, brightness and picture quality for a more realistic viewing experience. Dynamic peaking elevates gray scale, ensuring clear and detailed pictures, even in low light settings. Deeper contrast provides darker blacks and brighter whites. Fine pitch LED displays use self-illumination and high precision pixel pitches to deliver an exceptional, consistent viewing experience even at close range and over time.

XS Series Indoor LED Signage

Brightness ≥600 nits

With a great brightness of ≥600 nits, it clearly delivers content and attracts public attention, making it ideal for achieving bright indoor visibility.

Wide Color Gamut + HDR

High color coverage, precise reproduction of natural colors, making the picture more realistic HDR can reproduce the high peak of High dynamic range imaging and display more details.

Captivating Image Quality

State-of-the-art SMD LED technology and an ultra-high 10,000:1 contrast ratio guarantee that these video walls deliver stunning image quality. Experience vivid colours, true black and crystal clarity across the seamless display. Plus, advanced video processing technology ensures colours are accurate and lifelike without any distortion.

XS Series - Outline Size

Modular Design, Easy Installation and Maintenance

Due to their lightweight design, magnetic modules, positioning pins and simple cabinet structure, these displays are incredibly easy to install. After installation, they can be serviced from the front of the display by quickly and efficiently removing the LED modules for ultimate ease of maintenance.

Ultra Slim Depth

Its ultra-slim design with 27.5 mm edge thickness is the biggest advantage of the product. This feature enables the XS series to be installed in a variety of venues, as its thinness helps it to harmonize with its surroundings.

Durable Frame Design

XS Series incorporates an Die-casting Alumium cabinet that enhances durability, and its high-strength frame, surpassing that of plastic, allows for stable operation.

Easy-handling Lightweight Cabinet 4.5KG

It’s lightweight and easy to install, effectively reducing the risk of damage during installation. A full set of LED screens is still light, reducing strain on the structure holding the screens.
Front Serviceability

Front Serviceability

The product offers front access, freeing customers from needing rear access space.

16:9 FHD/UHD Configuration

Each cabinet uses a 16:9 aspect ratio, the same most commonly used in displays for FHD and UHD content. This allows you to keep using existing content without additional cost and time for editing.

XS Series LED Displays Specifications

XS Series Specifications