Digital Signage for Supermarket & Grocery Stores

At present, more and more supermarkets are using digital signage for retail solution to create a digital environment for customers to enhance customer’s shopping experience via informing the products details and special offers to customers.  Digital signage solution in supermarket and grocery stores helps in increasing sales and revenue, and engage the customers in the purchase activities.  Digital signage also can help supermarket operators to easily update the price to the products, let’s see how digital signage use in the supermarket and grocery stores.

Grab customer's attention

Grab retail customers’ attention

Provide Real time Promotions

Provide Real time Promotions

Increase sales in retail business

Increase sales in your business

Increase Recall and Retention Rate

Increase Recall and Retention Rate

4 Ways to use digital signage in Supermarket & Grocery Stores

Shelf Edge Digital Displays

Smart Shelf System

Incorporate digital signage display into shelf edge to create a smart shelf system for retailers and supermarkets, shelf edge digital signage solution is an effective way for point of purchase conversion by engaging with the consumers.

ViviSign in-store shelf-edge displays are developed and designed for shelf signage, it is not only a shelf-edge video strips, but built as a intelligent retail solution for supermarket owners to create a real digital world.

ViviSign shelf end-cap digital displays  are designed for topper of the shelf in the supermarket and grocery shelf. These stretched displays, also as well known as bar displays,  are available in verities of sizes, configurations, brightness and resolution according to clients’ different requirements.


Cameras, Bar code scanners, card readers and RFID can be integrated with our content management software to meet client’s different requirements.

Video Wall for Supermarket

Video Wall System

As well known that there are a lot of people walking in the supermarket and grocery stores, video wall system in the supermarket can provide a very big screen for dynamic contents display, and to directly engage audience, in the supermarket area where space allowed, it is a quite a effective and fast way to attract audience’s attention.  Supermarket owners can keep update the contents/promotion in daily basis to keep the contents in fresh and people are interested in it.

ViviSign provides a turnkey video wall solution with different sizes of video wall screen, as well as brightness.

Ultra Stretched LCD Display

Ultra Stretch Signage

Ultra stretch displays are designed perfectly for the supermarket or grocery stores where the digital signage spaces is restricted so the normal 16:9 aspect ratio digital screen doesn’t work. With verities of sizes from 28’’ to 86’’ stretched signage, clients can choose the suitable size for their actual environment. Install them on the shelf topper or ceiling mounting inside the supermarket for public information and advertising delivery.

Smart digital signage solution

Standard Digital Signage

Supermarket checkout lane is a very good place for digital signage network deployment. Shoppers are queueing here for checking out, so the advertising and information can be easily seen by shoppers throughout the store.

With synchronization function of the digital signage system, which can create a perfect display effect in the supermarket check out lanes.