Digital Signage for Healthcare

Nowadays,  digital signage has been widely used in healthcare industry as large of patients and family members walking in and out of the healthcare center on a regular basis, so it is important to the healthcare operator to have a way communicate with them using digital signage in different places in the healthcare center for different messages delivery to different people. Why should healthcare organizations use digital signage?

Enhance Experience

Improve Experience

Our hospital digital signage system can deliver doctor’s information and hospital information on the doctor’s room and also can integrate with local queueing system to provide a good experience to people.

Lower waiting time

Reduce waiting time

Our cloud based Digital signage allows deliver  news, TV, video  and entertainment program on it as well as ads , health notifications, which can allow people to enjoy the waiting time.

Provide Interactive Experience

Enhance Staff Communications

Emergency messages, training videos, and HR News and company events can be delivered remotely through content management software from the had office to all the screens to enhance staff communications.

3 Ways to use digital signage in Healthcare Industry

Building Directory

It’s easy to get lost in a hospital,  wayfinding signage can be deployed in a hospital in every building or gallery or staircase/elevator front via digital screens to help patient and member family to reach destination easily,  in this way, can save human resources for the healthcare organization because nobody will ask the road with the help of the wayfinding signage.

Waiting Room

People don’t like waiting. But hospital is a place most people have to wait, in queue, digital waiting room signage can reduce waiting room anxiety via providing engaging health content to distract patients. Of course, also can provide video, images or ads even news to the audience or visitors. Collaboration with brands like medical brands and 3rd party advertising can be a way using digital signage to increase hospital’s revenue.

Hospital Staff Breakrooms

Digital signage displays deployed in hospital staff breakrooms can help display critical messages, as well as training videos, medical science and news up to date to hospital staffs.