21.5” Outdoor Capacitive Touch Display

OH19WU, OH22WU Outdoor Displays

18.5”, 21.5″ Outdoor Capacitive Touch or Non-Touch IP66 Rated, High Bright Display

Applications: Outdoor interactive digital signage, Outdoor interactive way finding, Outdoor menu boards with ordering capability, Outdoor stadiums, Outdoor amusement parks, Outdoor restaurants, Outdoor transportation, Outdoor service and gas stations


  • IP66 Rating
  • 1500-nit high brightness (LCD panel), sunlight readable
  • Wide operating temperatures from -10°C to 60°C
  • Optically bonded to reduce glare
  • AR Cover Glass
  • OPT.: 10 point multi-touch capacitive touch panel
  • VESA mount compatibility as standard
  • Metal casing with aluminum frame housing designed specifically for outdoor 24/7
  • OPT.1: LCD Monitor with HDMI input (USB for touch If need touch screens)
  • OPT.2: Built-in Android player (Android OS 11)

18.5” & 21.5″ Outdoor Capacitive Touch or Non-Touch IP65 Rated, High Bright Display with Android 11, RK3568 Processor, Audio, HDMI Out

22'' Outdoor Display

18.5” Outdoor Display | OH19WU

Display Size: 18.5 inches
Display Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Brightness: 1000cd/m2
OPT.: Touch or Non-touch
IP Rated: IP66
OPT.1: Built-in Android Player
OPT.2: LCD Monitor with HDMI IN
22'' Outdoor Display

21.5” Outdoor Display | OH22WU

Display Size: 21.5 inches
Display Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Brightness: 1500cd/m2
OPT.: Touch or Non-touch
IP Rated: IP66
OPT.1: Built-in Android Player
OPT.2: LCD Monitor with HDMI IN

1500nits FHD IP66 rated Outdoor Display Key Features


Ultra High Brightness

With a great brightness of 1500 nits, ViviSign ultra high brightness series clearly delivers contents and attracts public attention, which is the ultimate display for outdoor visibility.


IP66 Rated Dust / Water Proof

The display is sealed with IP66 design for reliable operation. It’s designed to be not only waterproof but also weatherproof against the damaging effects of the sun, rain, snow, dust and wind, which is an essential feature for outdoor application.

Fan-less Design

Fan-less Design

Fan-less design and Super advanced thermal managment technology extracts and expels heat from inside the displays, without exposing display electronics to ambient air or environmental contaminants, like dust, dirt and moisture and without the use of air filters – which means typically no periodic maintenance required.

Anti-Reflective Glass

Optical Bonding Technology

Fully laminated (Optical Bonding) for better optical performance, Traditional touch screen air gaps cause internal reflections between the display and touch panel. Optical bonding fills the gap and eliminates the inner light reflection.

Touch Screen

OPT.: PCAP Touch Screen

State-of-the-art projected capacitive technology provides the most responsive and sensitive touch experience available, as well as offering superior optical quality. Unlike other touch technologies, PCAP is not affected by dust or debris on the surface of the screen.

Local Dimming Backlight

Ambient Light Sensor

These displays include an internal ambient light sensor for use when required. This ensures the screen is always operating at the most suitable brightness for its environment.

True Color Calibration

True Color Calibration

Every screen is factory calibrated to D65 (6500K) CIE color standard. This color setting produces a natural looking image which has a correlated color temperature to that of daylight.


24/7 Continuous Use

These displays are able to be in constant use 24/7 for over 50,000 hours thanks to their commercial grade LCD panel, media player and other components.


Model | Size

Model: OH22WU

Size: 21.5”

Display Area

478.66 ×260.28mm

Unit Size (W*H*D)

520.5 x 312 x 55

OPT.: PCAP Touch Screen

10 point multi-touch capacitive touch panel

LCD Panel





Contrast Ratio 


Viewing Angle



Power Input

AC 100-240V

Power Consumption


OPT.1: Built-in Android PC


RK3568: Quad-core Cortex-A55


Mali-G52 GPU


2GB / 16GB / Android OS 11


LAN / Wi-Fi

OPT.2: LCD Monitor with HDMI IN