Interactive Digital Signage Solution

AIO Touch Screen Signage Displays 

What is all in one touch screen displays?

AIO (All-in-one) touch screen is 10-point interactive displays with embedded Android media player and 16GB internal memory, or embedded mini PC with Windows OS or Linux OS as required. Great for grabbing attention in poni-of-sales areas, the AIO touch display comes with a tempered glass faceplate for added durability.  

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Display Solution

Ultra-wide Native Stretched Displays 

What is ultra-wide native stretched displays?

Native stretched LCD panels are custom built with ultra-wide aspect ratio of 32:9, 32:6 or 20:1 and they are made using native ultra-wide LCD masks to manufacture professional grade stretched panels. In the market native stretched LCD Panels, also known as bar displays, are made from Samsung, LG, BOE, and AUO in a variety of sizes, configurations, and brightness options. 

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Lift & Learn Interactive Digital Signage

Lift & Learn Digital Signage Solution

ViviSign digital signage media player embedded mainboard’s GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output) technology is seamlessly integrated with ViviSign CMS Software to enrich interactivity with buttons, motion sensors and generic open/close circuit detectors, which has been applied in retail environment to touch is to experience and to lift is to learn.

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4K Digital Signage

True 4K Android Digital Signage Solution, not Scaled 4K

ViviSign high-powered 4K Ultra HD Android digital signage embedded motherboard bundled with CMS software can support H.265/HEVC codecs that play 4K video playback allowing for crystal clear UHD video. With V-By-One interface, directly connect to 4K resolution LCD Panel to bring you a whole new definition of True 4K, rather scaled 4K.

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