4K UHD Signage ART Displays

UH-N Series UHD Slim Digital Display | 43”, 50”, 55” & 65” Wide Range of Sizes with Flexible Portrait and Landscape Modes 

UHD 4K Digital Signage LCD Displays with Android OS, Non-Glare LCD Panel, 4K Digital ART Displays

The era of 4K, UHD Digital Signage | Incredible Picture Quality | Slim and Narrow Bezel Design

Key Features

  • Ultra HD Resolution 4K Displays with AUO LCD Panel Technology and 350 nits Brightness (Typ.)
  • Non-Glare Surface Treatment (Haze – 25%)
  • 92% NTSC Color Gamut delivers accurate and smooth color in brilliant 4K compared with 72% NTSC
  • UHD Super Slim Signage, Sleek, Stylish and Eye-Catching
  • Full Viewing Angle (H:178/V:178)
  • OPT.1: Built-in Android OS 9.0 with Free CMS Software | 3rd party CMS Optional
  • OPT.2: LCD Monitor with versatile connectivities, DP, HDMI, VGA etc.
  • Built-in Speakers
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Ultra HD Resolution (3840×2160)

Ultra HD is 4 times higher than Full HD, making colors and details of content vivid and realistic. In addition, IPS panel technology offers wide viewing angles and clear content.

Narrow Bezel

Narrow Bezel Design

The UH-N Series has a sophisticated narrow bezel size, helping to create an immersive experience that can improve the ambiance of the space where the display is installed.

Android Player

Built-in Android OS

All ViviSign UH-N series professional displays come with built-in Android OS 9.0 mainboard, and it allows any 3rd party APK (Android based) to be installed for digital signage applications.

Anti-Reflective Glass

Clear View with Non-Glare Coating

Brightly lit conditions create unnecessary reflections and disturbances for viewers. ViviSign UH-N Series overcomes this obstacle using a non-glare coating that increases the level of haze, enhancing overall visibility and text readability.

4K Resolution

Eye-Catching UHD 4K with Ultra-High Picture Quality

  • UHD 4K ultra-high definition shows the text and picture in even great detail.
  • High-brightness design of over 500 nits can be used for all types of indoor lighting environments.
  • Ultra-high contrast ratio of 4000:1 makes the picture look brighter, richer, more nuanced and more captivating.

Landscape and Portrait Modes Support

  • Unlike standard panels for TV applications, our professional-grade display panels offer perfect image quality in landscape or portrait mode.
  • The complete product portfolio satisfies a wide range of customer requirements and operate reliably in all kinds of industrial and commercial environments ranging from retail, public transport, and security surveillance to audio-visual control centers.
in-cell-touch screen
Non-glare LCD Panel

Perfect view with non-glare display

The UH-N series features reliable, non-glare panels that provide better visibility from all angles, anytime of day allowing businesses to deliver accurate information 24/7 in locations where clear and accurate information is crucial such as airports, commuter and Gallery ART display usage.

At a Glance

The ViviSign UH-N Series is a line of Ultra HD (3840×2160 resolution) commercial display. With AUO 4K LCD Panel Technology and Edge-LED Backlight, it offers stunning image quality that is perfect for digital signage applications in different business environments including corporate, retail, hospitality, transportation and so on. Available in 43”, 50”, 55” and 65” LCD Displays Sizes, the UH-N series UHD 4K digital signage displays can deliver any content in ultra-high definition with incredibly rich color on slim, efficient signage.

UHD display panels are designed with low-reflective surfaces that are immune to effects of environmental lighting. UHD 4K ultra-high resolution displays deliver the product message with crystal-clear details that capture the consumer’s attention, making it suitable for showing advertisements or public information at retailers, supermarkets, banks and public transport facilities.


Highlights of UHD 4K Signage Displays:

• Engage customers with lifelike images through ultra high-definition resolution
• Built-in Android Player that support 4K video decoding to offer true 4K content
• A wider spectrum of colors, up to one billion shades
• Symmetrical, slim design simplifies installation and complements any environment
• Reliable, commercial grade LCD panels provide better visibility from all angles, anytime of day allowing businesses to deliver accurate information 24/7







LCD Panel

Panel Size
Display Area (mm)
Aspect Ratio
Contrast Ratio
Surface Treat.
Viewing Angles
Backlight Life

941 x 529.4
1.07B, 99% sRGB
350 nits (typ.)
Haze 25%
H = 178, V = 178 (typ.)
50,000 Hours Min.

1095.84 x 616.41
350 nits (typ.)
Haze 25%
H = 178, V = 178 (typ.)
50,000 Hours Min.

1209.6 x 680.4
350 nits (typ.)
Haze 25%
H = 178, V = 178 (typ.)
50,000 Hours Min.

1428.48 x 803.52
350 nits (typ.)
Haze 25%
H = 178, V = 178 (typ.)
50,000 Hours Min.


Power Voltage
Power Consumption

100-240VAC, 50/60Hz

100-240VAC, 50/60Hz

100-240VAC, 50/60Hz

100-240VAC, 50/60Hz


Dimension (W x H x D)

964.49 x 555.72 x 39.9
13 kg

1117 x 639 x 39.9
16 kg

1234 x 703.9 x 39.9
22 kg

1450.5 x 827 x 39.9
29 kg


OPT.1: Built-in Android OS

OPT.2: LCD Monitor with HDMI IN

Amlogic T972, 2GB RAM, 16GB Internal Storage, Android OS 9.0, LAN+WIFI, Bluetooth 4.2

HDMI IN x 1, DP x 1