Benefits of Digital Signage

At A Glance

At present, more and more industries are using digital signage to provide customer experience and increase sales, including retail, restaurant, hotel, bank, hospital and other places. So, what kind of exact benefit that digital signage can bring to owners:

Lower waiting time

Provide entertainment and information in Waiting Area

digital signage is an electronic platform that can be deployed in waiting area in different industries like hotel, retail, hospital and bank so people in queueing can provide entertainment content so they can watch to improve customer experience.

Increase sales in retail business

Increase Revenue

Digital signage can provide multimedia with a combination of scrolling text, images and videos, which can attract customer’s attention, so the ads can be more targeted, and local marketing campaigns is much easier and more effective to the sales revenue.

Provide Real time Promotions

Low Cost

Compared with traditional signage, digital signage is easy to update remotely from a central location, and no need often printing static signage, which can save customer’s labor cost and maintenance cost.

Grab customer's attention

Attention Grabbing Displays

digital signage is using Full HD Display or Ultra HD display to deliver immersing message and image and videos, to make different dynamic display effect as required. Besides, LCD Video wall can splice different layout of the video wall to meet different demands of the customer to grab people’s attention.

What’s Included in ViviSign Digital Signage Solution

What's included in Digital Signage Solution

What ViviSign offers