5 Reasons Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) needs Digital Menu Boards

At A Glance

As one of the most powerful tools, Digital Menu Boards have been successfully deployed in recent years in many QSRs, coffee shops, ice cream shops to increase their revenues and to create a more memorable customer experience, for example, in Mac Donald, KFC and so on. As quick-service and fast casual operators, are you still going to update your menus via traditional printing posters at extra cost like before? Are you struggling to retain your customers and attract new customers? Don’t worry, you got right place, keep reading to find out why you need digital menu boards for your shops.

Delivers dynamic content compared with printing poster

Digital menu board system are using Full HD LCD Display to deliver multiple media formats including Video, Audio, Images and so one, as well as integration with social media like Facebook, Twitter, so the display effect is much more vivid and beautiful than the printing poster, which can attract customer’s eyes and educate people waiting in line or the by-passengers.

Centrally control and Content Update Remotely provide flexibility and Cost-Saving

Digital Menu Board System is one time cost, restaurant operators only need to invest one time to get the digital signage screens and free content management software and then use internet to control all digital screens and update content remotely is much easy than printing poster change in terms of cost, also digital menu boards system allow users to promote his hot products and set menu easier during the whole day, for example, breakfast, lunch and dinner promotions. Users can make playlist schedule easily on daily basis as they want.

Create different feelings and pleasant experience to customers.

Compared with a printing menu inside a glass frame, digital menu boards can impress the customers by not only satisfying their appetite and cravings but also making them “wow” via creating a pleasant experience. Digital menu boards also can display RSS news and other entertainment videos to reduce perceived waiting time to make them not complain in waiting time.

Increase Sales and Revenues

The digital menu board solution installed in quick service restaurant has made an impact on the business. More and more restaurants are moving to installing digital menu boards to grab customers’ attention and boost sales by up to 50%. It is a great business for the quick-service and fast casual operators.

Easy Management and Maintenance

Now LCD Display life is more than 50,000hours, which means it can run more than 5years on the basis of 24*7 running, so basically no hardware maintenance works if the operators can choose the right digital menu boards. As for content management software, requires long-life technical support and training, basically no maintenance cost. If an operator has many chain restaurants, he can choose to control all screens in different restaurants from a central location or can manage separately, very easy for management and update menu and price.

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