How to choose the Right Outdoor Digital Signage LCD Displays?

With development of the “SMART CITY” in different countries and cities, digital signage content management software and outdoor digital signage displays and outdoor digital signage kiosks have become more versatile in public locations especially in bus stops, street smart phone kiosk for information displaying, advertising and way-finding purposes.

Nowadays, it is a problem for users including media company who will deploy outdoor digital signage kiosks and AV system integrators who is in charge of installation and maintenance works that how to choose outdoor digital signage kiosk and content management software. In order to get answers we have to understand the working principle of the outdoor digital signage kiosk and what kind of the problems is important when running the outdoor digital signage kiosks.

For outdoor digital signage kiosks performance, high brightness and waterproof are not challenges, the most important to users now is thermal management of the outdoor digital signage kiosks, let’s see the outdoor digital signage displays cooling system working principle, generally two ways:

Fans cooling system

Generally, if the outdoor digital signage kiosk installation place’s highest temperature in the whole year is lower than 45℃, then users can select fans cooling system inside the kiosk to regulate the internal temperature, there are air entry holes and air out holes on the kiosks which allows kiosk keep the thermal temperature inside, and air filter can keep away from the dusts. As there is air flowing holes on the kiosk, so the IP class of the outdoor digital signage kiosk with fans cooling system only can be up to IP55 class.

Air Conditioner system

If the outdoor digital signage kiosk installation places’ highest temperature in the whole year higher than 45℃, then users can select air-conditioner, which will form internal thermal circle (inside electrical parts in the internal thermal circle) and outer thermal circle (the connection of the AC and the outside air), the advantage of AC system allows thermal management very well and also keep away from the dust, which means that the IP class of the outdoor digital signage kiosk with fans cooling system only can be up to IP65 class.

Thermal Management for Outdoor Digital Signage Displays

Thermal management are related to kiosk all electronic parts including power board, mainboard, LCD Panel and all devices integrated inside the Kiosk performance, so manage and monitor thermal remotely from a central location is essential to the users. Then what is remote device monitoring system?

Remote device monitoring can be divided two parts:

Content Management Software

The first one is content management system, which allows controlling all the signage players and updating contents remotely on all kiosks, and remotely upgrade the kiosk operating system, software and firmware, player configuration and setting remotely via network from a central location.

Hardware Monitoring System

The second is kiosk hardware monitoring system, which called Remote Device Management (RDM) System, which means kiosk manufactures need to embed different sensors including temperature sensor, humidity sensor, smoke sensor, water level detection sensor and so on inside the kiosk, collect all the data from the internal sensors to the controller board and then deliver real time performance data to the monitor center so the users can monitor all the kiosks hardware running performance.

Learned the importance of thermal management working principle and remote device monitoring system for outdoor digital signage displays will help users to choose the right devices for a reliable and stable running performance.